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Getting Started for new GroupNews Authors

So you’re an author for a newsletter for your group? Great! Your group members are sure to be looking forward to what you publish when they log into GroupNews. Here are some pointers to help you get comfortable with the GroupNews writing tools.

The Story Writing Page has everything that you need to write your story:

  1. At the top of the page, you’ll see which newsletter you are writing for, and you’ll be able to choose the category that best fits your story
  2. Title: Give your story a catchy title!
  3. Lede: The lede is a short summary of your story. If you add one, it will be displayed below your title in the published newsletter
  4. Text: here is where you write your story. There are a number of familiar options available to you, such as bold and italics. You can change the font size, create bulleted or numbered lists, or add an attachment. You can even add hyperlinks.
  5. Event: if your story is an event, choosing the Event format will open a new window allowing you to include event details:
  6. Image: Give your story some visual flair by adding an image:
  7. The Header Layout changes how the image, title, and lede are displayed in the newsletter when using a Featured Image. There are four options:
    1. Stacked
    2. Stacked Wide
    3. Cover
    4. Half Cover
  8. You can preview, save, or submit your story by clicking the buttons on the upper right corner of the story writing page: