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Roles and Permissions in GroupNews

All members of a Group have the ability to do the following, as long as they are logged into GroupNews:

  • Read any published news content which they have subscriber access to.
  • Comment on any news story they can view.

Newsletter Authors

Some Group members are designated as an author on one or more newsletters published by the Group. Newsletter authors can:

  • Draft stories or posts for the Group to read.
  • Submit draft stories for publication in any of the Group’s newsletters for they are authors.

Group Administrators

A Group must have at least one administrator. While it must have one, you can assign any Group member as administrator. An administrator can:

Group Owner

Each Group always has one owner. The Group owner has full admin rights listed above by default, and additionally, is responsible for the billing and payment of their GroupNews Group subscription. A Group owner can transfer ownership to another member of the group at anytime.