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Write A Story

If you are an author, there are several ways to get to the story writing page in GroupNews

  1. Each author will receive an email reminding them that an edition of the newsletter is scheduled to be published. Click on the “Log into GroupNews and Start Writing” link in the email to access the story writing page
  2. If already logged into GroupNews:
    1. Click Menu
    2. Click Your Stories
    3. Click Write a Story

You will be brought to the story writing page:

Selecting a Newsletter

If you’re an author for only one newsletter in your Group, your story will be published in that newsletter. In some cases, though, you may have to select which newsletter your story will get published in. You will see a newsletter selector on your story edit toolbar if:

  • You are an author for more than one of your Group’s newsletters
  • More than one of those newsletters has upcoming editions that will be published