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Manage Newsletter Settings

You can change the name, description, cover image, and visibility of any newsletter at any time.

To change newsletter settings:

  1. Click Menu
  2. Choose Manage Newsletters
  3. Find your newsletter and click Edit

Name and Description

  • You can edit your newsletter name and/or description from the Newsletter Name and Description window
  • Your Banner Image appears at the top of each edition of the newsletter. You can change it any time from the Banner Image window

Author Visibility

  • Decide whether or not authors should be displayed on stories for this newsletter. This setting is the default for the newsletter but can be overridden on individual stories. Check or uncheck the Hide Authors box to set your preference

Newsletter Visibility

A newsletter’s visibility determines who can read the newsletter. Newsletters can have one of three visibility settings:

  • Group
    Visible to everyone in your group.
  • Private
    Only visible to people in your group who are added as subscribers to that newsletter.
  • World
    The newsletter will be publicly available to read anywhere in the world.

Setting A Newsletter’s Visibility

  • Here is where you decide who gets to view this newsletter. The default selection is your entire group, but you can also make it private for select group members or publicly available for anyone in the world to see. When you create a new newsletter, you will be asked to confirm the Newsletter Visibility. You can edit the visibility from the Manage Newsletter Settings page

About This Newsletter

  • Give your readers important links, contact info, or other general details about your newsletter.
  • This information will be automatically included at the bottom of each edition of the newsletter.



  • When in your newsletter settings click Authors. This will display a list of all members of the group. The Can Author? column indicates who can write stories to be published in that newsletter. Check the box to grant someone authorship rights, and uncheck it to remove authorship rights.