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Newsletter Subscribers

Depending on how you’ve set up your newsletter’s visibility, you might need to assign subscribers to it.

If your newsletter is visible to the Group, then all group members are automatically subscribed to it and will be able to read any news posted to that newsletter.

If, however, you set your newsletter to be Private, then no group members will be subscribed to it by default. If you are a Group administrator, then you can choose which Group members can view the newsletter by adding them as subscribers to it.

Managing Newsletter Subscribers in Private Visibility

To manage Newsletter Subscribers in a private newsletter:

  1. Click Menu
  2. Click Manage Newsletters
  3. Find your newsletter and click Edit
  4. Click Subscribers

You will see a list of all group members. The Subscribed? column indicates people who can view that newsletter and receive emailed publications of it. Check the box to grant someone access, and uncheck it to remove.